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Five years ago, both of my children were diagnosed with a rare genetic kidney disease called genetic FSGS.  Their father and I were unknowingly both carriers of this rare gene.  Lofton and Thatcher are fortunately both currently happy and healthy, thriving children, but what this means for their life and journey is that at some point they will go into end stage renal failure and receive a kidney transplant. During visits to the hospital for check ups and treatments for immune therapy my children discovered that other children of all ages were going through similar things and some without the support that they have.  They wanted to give back and asked if they could do something to help children feel love and support during these challenging times.  The children decided that they wanted to give bears to children receiving blood work, dialysis or any kind of treatment for kidney disease and this is where our journey with our non-profit KB Bears, Inc. began.

Tori Graves, Mom of Lofton and Thatcher 

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